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Log in to access your online Patient Portal Account.  There are many online services available to you through the portal and you can be assured that all of your information is encrypted and stored securely.  

Important Note - The Patient Portal is to be used for non-emergency and non-urgent requests and communication only.  We cannot determine if you are having a medical emergency based on your written communication through the Patient Portal.  If this is a medical emergency or you require immediate attention, please call 911 or proceed to a facility equipped to handle medical emergencies.  University Urology and your physician will not be responsible for any use of this site related to emergencies or urgent healthcare needs.

If you have trouble accessing your portal account, please contact our office at 865-305-9254

We also welcome you to visit our website at http://Urologypc.net

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Patient Electronic Access - We support our patients having access to their health information through the Patient Portal. Beyond the Patient Portal, we can enable certain mobile apps that meet requisite technical specification and security requirements to provide you access to your health information in a safe and secure way. Currently no mobile apps have been configured to connect to our system. Our website, urologypc.net, will be updated if any additional apps become available for you to use to access your health information. Please contact our office if you have questions.
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